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  • AC Replacement & Installation

    Air Conditioning Replacement and Installation

    Shopping for a new air conditioning system can be overwhelming. Let Groundhog Heating & Air Conditioning simplify the process by walking you through every step.

    When determining the best air conditioning system for your home, there are many factors to take into consideration:

    • Your existing HVAC system
    • The size of your home
    • Insulation and ventilation levels
    • Desired energy efficiency
    • Warranties and guarantees
    • Financing options

    The experts at Groundhog Heating & Air Conditioning will help you determine the best AC system for your home. Our background checked, drug tested, and highly trained technicians are familiar with all types, makes and models of HVAC systems, including ductless mini-splits, heat pumps, and window units.

    We can help you choose the most energy efficient system to help you go green while saving green. Whether you are replacing an existing system or installing a brand new one, trust the expert technicians at Groundhog to get it done right, the first time.

    AC Replacement Warning Signs

    While you may not want to spend the money on a new air conditioning system, it could be the best choice when it comes to your comfort and finances.

    Consider replacing your central air conditioning equipment if:

    • Your air conditioner is more than 10 years old (replacing your old air conditioner can save you up to 20% on cooling costs)
    • Your air conditioner needs frequent repairs
    • Your energy bills keep going up
    • Some rooms in your home are too hot or too cold
    • Your home has high humidity
    • Your air conditioner is noisy

    Contact the professionals at Groundhog Heating & Air Conditioning to inspect your heating and cooling equipment and provide options for repair or replacement.

    Not only will we go over the type and efficiency of equipment we could install but we will help to find the best possible option to work with your existing system.

    Benefits of Proper AC Installation

    Unfortunately, more than half of all new HVAC systems are improperly installed. As a result, performance can be reduced by as much as 30%. An improper AC installation not only affects your energy bills, it also leads to a variety of comfort problems, including high humidity, air duct leaks, and poor air distribution.

    Make sure your new air conditioning system is installed properly by hiring the right company.

    Here are some of the benefits of a proper HVAC installation:

    1. Increased Comfort

    A properly installed system will provide even temperatures, controlled humidity, lower noise, and improved indoor air quality.

    2. More Savings

    When everything is installed properly, your system will perform at optimum energy efficiency, providing all of the energy savings that the manufacturer promises.

    3. Better Performance

    Proper HVAC sizing and installation will result in increased comfort, less repairs, and extended equipment lifespan. Improper installation can cause frequent cycling on and off and shortened equipment life.

    Get the best out of your new HVAC system by hiring a qualified HVAC contractor to install the right equipment.

    Denver Metro Air Conditioning Replacement and Installation

    The licensed HVAC experts at Groundhog Heating & Air Conditioning guarantee that all heating and cooling installations will perform to their rated efficiency levels as a result of proper installation.

    Our friendly and professional technicians perform a variety of tasks to ensure a reliable and long-lasting HVAC system:

    • Measure the home and calculate correct HVAC sizing according to Manual J guidelines
    • Properly match indoor and outdoor units
    • Ensure that system size works with existing ductwork
    • Install new refrigerant lines
    • Install proper thermostat (if not already in use)
    • Consider zoning options (if appropriate)
    • Provide information on local rebate programs (if eligible)
    • Check for existing damage to ductwork and duct insulation
    • Demonstrate how to properly replace air filter
    • Leave all manuals and documentation
    • Confirm proper refrigerant levels and airflow

    If you are interested in ductless mini-split air conditioning (aka “zoning”), our technicians can help you determine the right system for your space and needs. We are familiar with all different types of air conditioning systems, including ductless mini-splits.

    Contact Groundhog Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule your air conditioning replacement or installation.

    We specialize in the comfort of our customers. Schedule an appointment with Groundhog Heating & Air Conditioning today!