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  • Furnace Maintenance

    Furnace Maintenance and Tune-Ups

    If you haven’t scheduled a professional furnace tune-up in the last two or three years (or longer), we understand. furnace tune-ups aren’t the first thing you think of when autumn rolls around. As long as nothing breaks down, the natural thing to do is to forget about it. But, this is a big mistake!

    Your furnace system is a complex piece of machinery that requires regular cleanings, lubrications, calibration, and safety inspections. The longer you wait to schedule professional maintenance, the more likely it is that a major repair will become necessary. Lack of maintenance also leads to comfort and efficiency problems, raising energy bills and worsening indoor air quality.

    HVAC companies and manufacturers are in agreement that furnace systems require a  professional tune up every year, preferably in the fall before you start using your furnace system.

    What’s Included in Our furnace Tune-Up

    Don’t just go for the cheapest tune-up you can find. Cheaper alternatives will take short cuts and won’t be able to check all of the components involved in providing you with safe and efficient furnace.

    Our background checked, drug tested, and highly trained technicians go through a meticulous 82-Point furnace System Tune-Up, including:

    • Check fan and blower
    • Lubricate all moving parts
    • Measure amperage and voltage of motors
    • Check flue and ductwork connections
    • Test exhaust system for proper venting
    • Check electrical and gas connections
    • Carbon monoxide safety inspection
    • Clean burner components
    • Check system controls
    • Calibrate and level thermostat
    • Check gas (or oil) connections, gas pressure, and burner combustion
    • Inspect heat exchanger for cracks and damage
    • Replace or wash air filter

    Don’t forget to supplement your professional furnace tune-up with a little maintenance of your own. Remember to change (or clean) your filter every 30-90 days, keep vents clean and clear, and maintain a minimum 2-foot clearance around your indoor air handler and outdoor heat pump.

    Why Choose Us?

    • Background Checked & Drug Tested
    • Licensed & Insured
    • Ongoing Training
    • On-Time Service
    • Courtesy Text Before Arrival
    • Courtesy Call After Service
    • Financing Available
    • Family Owned and Operated
    • After-Hour Emergency furnace Service
    • Honest, Upfront Pricing
    • BBB A+ Rated
    • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    • Fixed Right or It’s FREE®

    Don’t let your furnace system fail on you when you need it most! If you want a safer, more reliable, and longer lasting furnace system, contact the professionals at Groundhog furnace & Air Conditioning for your next furnace tune-up.

    Better, yet, sign up for our Preferred Comfort Club to get 2 Precision Tune-Ups for your furnace and air conditioning system every year. It’s a great investment for the health and efficiency of your furnace and cooling system.

    We specialize in the comfort of our customers. Schedule an appointment with Groundhog furnace & Air Conditioning today!